Monday, May 10, 2010

Biology department awards announced

The Department of Biology/Toxicology announced this year's senior student awards at our annual department BBQ on Thursday, May 6th.  These annual awards recognize excellent achievements in research and coursework.

This years Senior Scholarship Award for best performance in the classroom went to Kelly Harrison.  Kelly is interested in immunology and is considering pursuing both medicine and research in a combined MD/PhD program.

The Department identified four recipients for its Senior Research Award:

  1. Kelly Harrison (Biology) and Tricia Matz (Toxicology) each received recognition for their research with Dr. Jeff Weidenhamer on how plants use chemical secretions from their roots to compete with each other for space.
  2. Amy Breslin (Biology) was honored for her work with Dr. Andrew Greene on bacterial contamination in honey.
  3. Jackie Skiba (Toxicology) was honored for her research with Dr. Mason Posner into how proteins in the eye lens evolve to function at different environmental temperatures.

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