Thursday, December 23, 2010

AU alum talks about graduate and medical school

Becky Richards graduated from Ashland University in 2004 with a major in Biology.  She is currently in a combined MD/PhD program at Oregon Health Sciences University where she has completed her first two years of medical school and is about to finish her doctoral research.  Becky recently co-authored a paper in the prestigious research journal Science on a difficult to treat family of viruses.

During a recent visit to campus Becky presented some of her doctoral research, and then gave advice for students interested in getting research experience, or with interest in graduate and medical school.  In the 12-minute video below Becky also explains the difference between graduate school, medical school and combined MD/PhD programs, and suggests good courses to take as preparation for medical school.

You can see the research presentation that Becky gave here.  And our AU Wiki has helpful advice on both graduate and medical school, as well as other professional schools.

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