Monday, November 14, 2011

Biochemistry major benefits from summer internship

This time of year is the right time to be looking for internship positions for next summer, and we will continue to highlight opportunities for students in postings on this blog. Brandon Barnes, a junior Biochemistry major, gained valuable experience at WIL Research Laboratories in Ashland last summer working on neurotoxicology studies. Brandon’s internship dealt with drug discrimination testing in rats. Brandon writes,

“The Drug Discrimination program used controlled substances so I witnessed central nervous system behaviors that may not have been seen elsewhere. While I wasn't testing, I helped biologists with other tasks and eventually took care of multiple rooms in a single day. After a month, the internship felt like a real job and sometimes I forgot it was even an internship. The internship was very demanding for the work load was heavy and deadlines had to be met. The work at will familiarized me with documentation and the paperwork side of biology as well as the methods. At WIL, I saw many different methods of testing and dosing procedures that I would have not seen without the internship. The knowledge and experience that I gained from this internship was incredible.”

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