Friday, August 23, 2013

Three Environmental Science majors awarded competitive scholarships by Ohio EPA

This month we learned that three seniors majoring in Environmental Science have been awarded $2,500 scholarships by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for the 2013-2014 academic year.  The three students are Cassie Nix (EVS/Biology/Toxicology, AU’14), Mitch Ramsey (EVS/Geology, AU’14), and Zack Weilnau (EVS/Biology, AU’14).

“The scholarship program is administered by the Ohio Academy of Science. It is designed to motivate students to enter environmental fields of science and engineering and reward outstanding undergraduate students based on merit.” (Aug. 8, 2013 News Release from OEPA)

Cassie Nix (AU'14) with Mt. Hood, OR, in background.  Cassie plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Environmental Toxicology.

Criteria for selection include GPA, recommendation letters, extra-curricular activities, and ability to communicate effectively.  Students present evidence of “original research, scholarship, employment, volunteering or other unique contributions they have accomplished in environmental science or environmental engineering.”

In 2012, two Environmental Science/Biology majors, Kelly Sullivan and Amanda Kriner, were awarded this same scholarship for their senior year (2012-2013).  Altogether, the awards to these five students represent an outstanding level of success for AU Environmental Science students in recent years:

“Within the past year [2012-2013] Ashland University students have received more Ohio environmental science and engineering scholarships of the $63,500 awarded from The Ohio Academy of Science and the Ohio Environmental Education Fund than students at any of the other 15 Ohio schools with students receiving scholarships.” 
 --Dr. Lynn Elfner, CEO, Ohio Academy of Science

Congratulations to all!
Zack Weilnau (AU'14) plans to work in a wildlife/zoo setting and/or be a Physician's Assistant.
Mitch Ramsey (AU'14) plans to go to graduate school in meteorology.

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