Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Major in Geoscience Technology & Management

A gap currently exists in the geoscience industry:  geologists who know little about the business aspects of their profession and people in the business arena who have limited understanding of geology.  An interdisciplinary major in Geoscience Technology and Management will produce matriculates who can enter the geoscience industry as geologists and/or managers. Moreover, majors will be sufficiently prepared for entry into advanced educational programs.  Housed in the Department of Chemistry/Geology/Physics, this major was developed in close consultation with the College of Business and Economics as well as several professionals in the geosciences industry (environmental consulting, oil, and natural gas).  The major includes courses in geology, chemistry, math, business, economics, and environmental ethics as well as an internship or work experience.  Several geology courses were newly developed or revised:  Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Economic Geology, Petroleum Geology, and Environmental Geochemistry.

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