Monday, December 16, 2013

Time to find a summer research internship

The National Science Foundation funds paid summer research
internships all over the country
Classes are done, holiday shopping will be coming to an end, and soon family get togethers will be over.  So what else can you do over the holiday break?  This is the perfect time to find summer research internships!  These opportunities are a great way to learn more science, get experience in the lab, get paid, and improve your chances of getting into graduate school, health professional programs, or that first job in the sciences after graduation.

We are fortunate that most summer research internships in the sciences are paid positions, with those at universities also typically offering free room and board.  We have a number of students being accepted into these competitive summer programs each year across the country.  You can read about our students from past summers and their internship experiences using the Summer Research Internship tag on this blog.

Because they are competitive you will want to apply to a number of positions to increase your chance of getting one.  Applications are often due in January and February, so the holiday break is a great time to identify places you would like to go and start the application process.  You will also usually need two faculty references, so contact faculty over the break to ask for those support letters.

In addition to searching through this blog for opportunities posted in the past, you can use this page from the National Science Foundation to find internships funded by the federal government.  Most internship programs at large universities are supported by the NSF.  You can also use Google searches to find internships that match your interests.

We will post summer research internship opportunities in a variety of disciplines here on this blog throughout the break.  Here is one to get you started:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Medicine offers their summer SURE-REU program in molecular biosciences from May 18th to July 25th.  We had AU students take part in this program in 2009 and 2010.  One of those students is now earning his PhD at UNC Chapel Hill.  The other is earning her doctorate at The Ohio State University.  The program pays a $5000 stipend for the 10 weeks and includes room and board.  Review of applications begins February 3rd.  As with all summer programs, get your applications in early and ask a faculty member or advisor to review your personal statement.

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