Monday, January 13, 2014

Ashland Biochemistry Major Spends Summer at the Cleveland Clinic

Aaron Tipton
Senior biochemistry major Aaron Tipton spent last summer working at the Cleveland Clinic alongside Dr. Kewal Asosingh in the laboratory of Dr. Serpil Erzurum.  Aaron reports:

“The focus of the project I worked on was the effect eotaxin 1 and 2 have on angiogenesis (migration, proliferation and sprouting) of the endothelium.  Mouse lung endothelial cells were used for all experiments conducted.  A boyden chamber was used to analyze migration of the endothelial cells when exposed to gradients of eotaxin 1 and 2.  Proliferation was studied by staining for Ki-67 and analyzing with flow cytometry.  An in vitro sprouting assay was conducted to observe sprouting.  This project gives insight into the pathogenesis of asthma.”

Aaron’s work contributed to a research presentation at a recent meeting of the North American Vascular Biology Organization.  Aaron’s career goal is to become a physician scientist.  While at Ashland, he has been involved with Dr. Perry Corbin’s research program.

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