Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ashland middle schoolers spend a morning in our microbiology lab

A group of middle schoolers from the City of Ashland recently spent the morning with microbiology professor Paul Hyman staining and observing bacteria they collected at their school.  They also had the chance to look at their own cheek cells, bacteria from their mouths as well as some amoeba, paramecia and vinegar eels.  The students were accompanied by their teacher Lance Etzwiler and worked with a number of our science students: Ashley Franks, Hannah Baumann, Elizabeth Marinescu, Eryn Hobbs, Paul Honigford, Anthony Martella, Alayna Anderson and Nate Green.

Ashland Biology, Toxicology and Chemistry faculty invite Ashland middle schoolers to our Science Center for a variety of lab activities each semester.

Ashland middle schoolers working with our students

Dr. Paul Hyman (in the white lab coat), one of our programs microbiologists

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