Saturday, February 14, 2015

Careers and internships in environmental assessment

Rachel Day in the field
A number of our graduates have recently started careers in environmental assessment after completing their degrees in Biology or Environmental Science.  One of them, Rachel Day (Biology '11), will be speaking on campus this week (Wednesday 1 pm) about her current work, research and career at the Midwest Biodiversity Institute.  Other recent graduates Mary Cargill (EVS '12) and Angela Martinson (EVS '14) are working as environmental scientists at the GPD group where they conduct soil and water testing before onsite construction projects begin.

If you are interested in learning more about environmental assessment you can contact another one of our graduates, Marcy Bolek (Chemistry '86), who is the Vice President of Operations at Alloway.  Marcy contacted us about internship opportunities at their Lima and Marion laboratories.  You can contact Alloway's lab manager Lana Jackson at 419-223-1362 to get more information.

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