Saturday, September 25, 2010

Biology grad completing a PhD in environmental toxicology

Erin Allen (Gagan) is researching the effects of pesticides on the nervous system for her doctoral studies at the University of Iowa's College of Pharmacy.  A 2006 graduate with a major in Biology, Erin plans to complete her PhD in 2011 and is currently exploring post-doctoral positions where she can pursue her interest in how pesticides and other environmental toxins interact with the human nervous system to cause diseases like Parkinson's.

Erin has earned a number of honors in graduate school, including multiple outstanding presentation awards at scientific conferences, an American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Predoctoral Fellowship, and an honorable mention for the Women in Toxicology Student Achievement Award.  Erin also serves as a graduate student representative for the Central States Society of Toxicology and has already published two papers from her dissertation research.

At Ashland University Erin conducted undergraduate research with Biology/Toxicology professor Dr. Doug Dawson on the toxicity of chemical mixtures while also pursuing minors in Chemistry and Music.  Ashland University has one of only a handful of undergraduate Toxicology programs in the country, providing students with a rare opportunity to get experience in this growing and diverse field.

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