Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Environmental Science Award presented for work at the Black Fork Wetlands Preserve

The ongoing work of the AU Environmental Science Program at the Black Fork Wetlands Preserve was praised at the Richland Soil and Water Conservation District (RCSWCD) Annual Meeting held September 2, 2010. The award cited “Leadership, Dedication, and Protection” and was based on the program’s work at the Black Fork Wetlands Preserve and the Black Fork Wetlands Environmental Studies Center. The program was cited for including public access to this important natural area and for contributing significantly to watershed conservation and habitat preservation.

Dr. Soren Brauner (photo, center) and Dr. Dick Stoffer (photo, left), both Professors of Biology and members of the AU Environmental Science Program, accepted the award from Charles Winger (photo, right), representing the Board of Supervisors for the RCSWCD. Drs. Brauner and Stoffer spoke to the group about the mission of the Black Fork Wetlands Preserve, and answered questions from the audience. Dr. Brauner was director of the Environmental Science Program from 1999 to 2010, and Dr. Dick Stoffer serves as Preserve Manager for the five AU preserves.

The RCSWCD exists to help residents “protect and improve” the natural resources of the area. They specialize in networking, education, planning, and technical help. Try this stormwater management quiz, or have a look at the Black Fork Watershed in Richland County. Conservation Districts operate in each county in Ohio and most counties across the nation. Ohio districts operate within the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and receive State funding. All districts are linked with the National Association of Conservation Districts.

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