Sunday, September 12, 2010

Biology professor recognized with book award

Dr. Fenster with the Biology Department's
real-time PCR machine
Dr. Steve Fenster, Assistant Professor of Biology, recently heard that a book he contributed a chapter to, Current Protocols Essential Laboratory Techniques, was recognized with a PROSE award for excellence in biology and life sciences writing.  Dr. Fenster's chapter was co-authored with colleagues Dr. Dean Fraga from the College of Wooster and Dr. Tea Meulia from the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, and describes a technique called real-time PCR that is used to measure levels of gene expression.

Individual chapters of the book can be separately purchased, and according to Dr. Fenster the publisher told him that his chapter "was one of the most downloaded chapters in the book, so this was a nice surprise."

Dr. Fenster is a neurobiologist who studies the development of cell-to-cell connections in the brain and a form of autism found in young girls.  He is the Director of Ashland University's Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program and co-directs our Biotechnology program.

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